Wednesday, 30 October 2013

VIKING ACITIVTY: The Luge - Rotorua

The Luge is a activity for both kids and grown ups. It’s part go-cart, part gravity racer and offers a unique “racing” experience for all ages.

I mounted my GoPro on my chest and raced down the hill.

The Luge itself is a brand that can be found several places in New Zealand, in Canada and Singapore. This particular one is in the heart of New Zealand’s volcanic area, in Rotorua. The Luge has three tracks, scenic, intermediate and advanced.

It all starts off with a gondola ride, Skyline, up to the very top. Here’s you’ll have a great view of the entire Rotorua area. Then after having found a helmet and securly fastned it, you head towards the starting area. On your first ride you’ll be given instructions by the staff on how to ride cart, after which they will give you a stamp and you can get into a different line next time, taking you straight to the carts.

The track takes you down the hill, twisting and turning, while you take in the great scenery or perhaps race with your friends. If you haven’t done this before and would like to see some of the stunning view at the same time, I would recommend you start out with the scenic track. This is somewhat slower than intermediate and advanced, but is a good way to get used to the cart and see area at the same time.

TIP. Look for the white tent in the middle of the forest where the host weddings and events. There’s a parking space on the left side of the road (see markings), so if you want to take a look round you can do so there.

After a scenic ride, I definitely recommend you try the other tracks. I tried the intermediate twice and the advance twice. Both of which are heaps (loads) of fun and twists and turns. When you reach the end of each track, you’ll get out of your cart, place it on the conveyor, take the ski lift up to the top and do it all again.

It's fun. It's crazy. It's Kiwi.

For for information go on to their website