Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Mildura to Boundry Bend 133 km

Morning fog... I kid you not, you couldn't see further than 150-200 meters at most. Luckily it cleared around 10AM. It was FREEZING today though! Hopefully I'll get to warmer places soon.

True true! Stop revive survive. I normally try to stop and have some food/snack every 25 km. Feels heaps better that way. Then if I have a long day I stop for a while around lunchtime.

My two least favourite words... They're everywhere in Australia. To save some money they might as well just put up one sign at each international airport "Australia is under construction. Expect roadwork". Also one thing I noticed when I crossed into New South Wales for a short while today; Victoria spends more money on their country roads!

Staying in Boundry Bend for the night, which means I only have a short 89 km to do tomorrow.

Check out the view of Murray river. Aww!

Decided to buy a meal tonight. Chicken burger with "the lot" (cheese, salad, beetroot, egg and salad) + a pile of chips = $6.95 (£3.50/32kr) BARGAIN!

So tomorrow I've only got 89km to do to Swan Hill, where I'll be staying with another Couch Surfer. So plan to sleep at bit extra tomorrow. One because I can and two because it's really cold in the mornings now.

Anyhoodle, going good!