The route

After having looked at weather statistics, looking at elevation and talking to other bikers, I've settled on this route. Though I might change minor details, at least while in cities, this will be the general route.

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It will be over 5700km / 3500 miles and I plan on cycling an average of 120-140 km each day. I'll be spending a week in Perth, to get all the equipment I need and see one of my friends. After that I'm heading off down Highway 1, which will take me along the coast down to Bunbury. Then onward from there to Manjimup and Denmark, before coming into Albany. Then after a couple of days of camping, I'll head into Esperance where I hope to spend a couple of days. And then up to Norseman, which is my last stop before the Nullarbor and the vast nothingness of South and Western Australia (between Norseman and Port Augusta). This will take me approximately 9 days, in which I'll probably have very little or no phone signal. I plan to stock up on supplies in Norseman, because the roadhouses are so expensive. However, due to water, I will have to make stop at roadhouses and pay for food and water occationally.

Photo by mdalmud under CC-A licence

When I reach Port Augusta I hope to be able to hitch a ride up to Uluru (bottom of Northern Territory), a sacred place for the Aboriginals and an Australian symbol.

Originally I was hoping to go down to Adelaide and Melbourne, but I've been warned by locals (from those areas) that it gets quite cold at night. So, because I'm often sleeping in a tent and biking early in the morning, I've decided to change my original route. After Renmark, I'll be following the Murray river down to Albury and then head up past Wagga Wagga to Bathurst. Then it will be a few days of climbing as I go through the Blue Mountains into Sydney.

Then onwards along the coast, seeing amazing beaches, before finally ending up in Brisbane. Here the plan is to look up some distant relatives I've got.

Throughout my journeys I'll be making stops and meeting amazing people, but this you can read more on the About Page.