Saturday, 9 November 2013


My smartphone is always with me and though I sometimes curse at it, I will always have it with me when travelling.

I use it to take pictures (lots of pictures), update social media, check emails, manage my bank accounts, make notes, communicate with people back home, organize my travels, send postcards and GPS guide, on the numerous occasions when I find myself in a new city with absolutely no idea where I am.

To make all that happen, you need great minds to create apps that can do all of that. There are many great travel related apps out there that will make your life so much easier and this is some of them. 

My top travel apps 2013

Pro Capture (media)

Pro Capture is my favourite camera app for Android. It allows you to easier adjust settings and includes features like burst, wide shot and panorama. Also the noise reduction is really good in this app.

Photo Grid (media)

Arrange your photos into collages. This is great for two things; make your uploads more exciting AND upload less individual pictures. It also has features to edit pictures and adding text and clip art.

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News 360 (news/media)

News 360 is a brilliant app, regardsless if you're travelling or not. You select your interests and give thumbs up or thumbs down for the article. This way it starts to learn what you like. Connect it with your social media accounts and it will rock your world. It's also great, because it shows you local news where you are.

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Whatsapp (communication)
One of the worlds top messinging apps. No username. No password. All you need is your phone number and you're good to go. When they add support to add several numbers, I'll praise it even more.

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Opera Mini (communication)

When you're out travelling you don't always have a local sim-card and roaming charges can be an absolute killer. Opera Mini is a mobile browser that compresses the websites on their servers, which allows you to cut your data usage with up to 90%.

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PayPal (money)

In addition to day to day bank apps, like Natwest, Westpac or DNB, PayPal is great tool to transfer money across borders. Unlike traditional bank transfers, which often cost a lot of money, PayPal offers a cheap way to receive/send money around the world.

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Triposo (travel guide)

Download all relevant travel information to your destination over WiFi, so you can use it offline after. I've used this several times when travelling. It allows access maps, restaurant and activities information without any data charges.

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Trip Advisor (travel guide)

Trip Advisor is probably my favourite travel app, because it's so comprehensive. It shows you restaurants, clubs, hotels, sights, attractions and more. On each listing you'll be able to read any reviews people have written. It's a great alternative to the standard "touristy" guidebooks.

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Couchsurfing (community)

Probably the world biggest online network of travelers, Couch Surfing, it offers a great way for people to connect and explore cultures. It's basically strangers offering strangers a free place to stay (or meet for a coffee or similar). To make it safe, you can check which members are verified and vouched for, plus read reviews from other surfers.

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Juicedefender (lifesaver...)

Out hiking? Taking a bit longer than you thought? Only got enough power to make a 30 second phone call? If that sounds familiar, this is the app for you. It makes your battery last for a lot longer that it would by itself. It reduces everything from brightness and sound to graphics performance and screen sensitivity, to give your phone a bit more juice.

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Touchnote postcards (communication)

Going to shop, picking out the card that represents your trip and write down your adventure, is all well and good. But sometimes it's nice to make the cards even more personal. How about a picture of yourself in front of Big Ben? Touchnote is a great app that allows you to create your own postcards with your phone, tablet or online and send them to whoever you like. Your card is then printed in the region it's being sent to, cutting shipping time to a few days instead of you arriving home before the card itself.

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Bobs World Clock (tools)

Got friends all over the world? Or like to keep track when your favourite show is out in NY? This app will do just that. It's simple, it's easy to use and it takes hardly any space. You can add it to your home screen as a widget, showing up to five different locations.

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Trip It

Train from Oxford to London Victoria, then Gatwick Airport Express to the airport, flight to Oslo Airport, then train up to Lillehammer? That results in a lot of booking references.
This app will organize and sort out all your bookings in an easy to access system. All you have to do is forward your travel itineraries to and it will build a custom itinerary for you (PS. Make sure you create an account first). You can also share it with friends and family, so they can easily see your route.

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