Sunday, 3 November 2013


OGO in Rotorua is essentially you inside a plastic ball, rolling down a hill. That's it. By the sound of it you'd think that it would be really boring, but I can guarantee you it is not. It's worth every cent!

Located about 5 minutes outside Rotorua city centre (and next to the Skyline and Luge), it's perfect if you don't have a car or only have a day to do activities.

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We got the 99$ deal, which gives you three rides + we paid $40 ($5 each) to have the photos on a DVD. So all in all not bad. I say, if you've got $99 and you want to do something different and that's guarantied to make you laugh, then I say OGO is your thing.

(Conversion: 10$NZ = £5 / 8.30$USD / €6, 03/11/13)

Firstly the ball is filled with warm water and then you do a Superman and jump, or rather dive, into the ball. Then you, and possibly your partner(s), start rolling down the hill. At first you might do a feeble attempt of standing up straight and running, but I can assure you that will last mere seconds. After that it's arse over tit down the hill, often accompanied by an absurd amount of laughter. You can't help it. Is the thrill of rolling down a hill? Is it the dizzy sensation you get? Or is it that you just realised you've paid to roll down a hill in a piece of plastic? The latter being definitely worth it.

My friend Perine and I
Anyhoodle, by the time you reach the bottom of one of the track, you will be soaked, dizzy from tumbling over more than a lad on a stag due and tired from all the laughing. After you squeeze yourself out and have a quick snapshot, it's straight into the hot tub to wait your next laughter-filled turn.

If you're in Rotorua and want to try something new, cool and absolutely bonkers, then I suggest you do an OGO.