Friday, 21 March 2014


It's no secret that we humans digest, observe and interact with everything we see. I believe that all we do, see, hear, touch etc. affects us in some way or another. It doesn't have to be a huge impact, it could something as small as deciding to wear a blue tie instead of a black tie to a dinner party. We base our lives on the impressions we're faced with.

Finding inspiration

Mark Beaumont

When I started researching for my next adventure, I already had a few names in my head. Mark Beaumont is probably the first person I thought about. He has probably been my main inspiration and source of research. This cycling enthusiast from Scotland, has cycled around the world. A journey of 18,297 miles/29,446 km.

Pushing himself to the very limits of the human body, he did it just over 194 days. He has probably been my biggest source of inspiration and information. The BBC show follows him on his journey around world, him being the cameraman the majority of the time. It's very interesting to see all the ups and downs he went through on his journey. This might sound a bit odd, but I hope to experience this. That feeling of being completely burnt out, with every muscle aching, and that of satisfaction and adventure, seeing the kangaroo bouncing its way across the land.
His route around the world

I also have studied his equipment list very carefully and have copied a lot of it. If you want to succeed you might as well study the best of the best. So I hope to make a similar documentary of my journey. An uncensored version of all the ups and downs.

You can watch the whole series The Man Who Cycled the World on YouTube:
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

TED talks are some of the most inspiring videos online. They are a great source of inspiration, information and reflection.

Nate Damm
This talk is about Nate Damm who walked across America. He talks about the kindness of strangers, of seeing his own country in a different way; truly taking the time to SEE it, and why he did it. He said that initially it was just an idea he had to do. Later he found several reasons why he was doing it; proving other people wrong, connecting with the environment and time to reflect about himself.

I find that very interesting. I got this idea to travel across Australia in December. Initially I considered walking across Australia, but found out that it would be practically impossible without a support team. Then one early morning in January it hit me like a lightning; cycling.

John Francis

John Francis, nicknamed Planetwalker, has walked for many many years. He started walking the world and then he also decided to stop talking for 17 years. 17 years without talking! As a young person he was very upset with the way the environment was (and still is) treated. It all started when two oil tankers crashed in 1979 in California and made great damage to the local environment.

I've read his book and it is truly inspiring. Though I would never be able to be silent for 17 years, I admire what John did. His focus and determination is incredible. He found something he believed in and stuck with it.

Determination and connection
When I initially got the idea I told myself that if I still wanted to do it after one month I would do it. Yes of course I'm nervous, but I can't NOT do it. How many people can say they've cycled across a continent? I feel like I need to push myself.

I hope to get to know myself and the world around me in a very intimate way. Never mind what everyone else says, I need to prove this to myself. That I can do it. People that know me, know that I have a tendency of being a bit random with stuff I do. One morning I might wake up, look in the mirror and decide to shave off all my hair even before I've had breakfast. I tend to bounce from thing to thing and don't always finish it.
A few months I was speaking to my family about some crazy travel plans I had about Asia. My step-dad got a bit frustrated and said to me "Bare fullfør noe!" (Eng.: "Just see something through!") That really stuck with me. I came here to explore NZ and Australia and find myself. He was right, I need to focus on that.

Other inspiration
There's loads of other small and big things that inspire me in general and that probably have had an impact on this adventure. Like I said in the beginning; We base our lives on the impressions we're faced with.

So go out there and get inspired, then start bouncing all over the place. But remember, one bounce at the time.