Thursday, 6 March 2014

Reasons why

Some people have asked me: Tom, why on Earth are you doing this? My answer is simply: Why aren't you?

I've boiled down my inspiration to do this trip to three points:

1. The cause

The obvious one is the potential benefits the two charities will get from this. The publicity and (hopefully) great funds to support their great work. Having spent some time in hospital both as a patient and visitor, I fully understand the need to keep spirits up and ensure that patients feel safe. Children are the most innocent and vulnerable in our society. Protecting them is, I believe, is everyone's duty. There's a saying in Norwegian; En god latter forlenger livet! (A great laugh extends life) It has been proven in several medical studies that laughter and raising spirits can have much better effects than for example morphine. It often only cures the physical body, but it's equally as important to cure the mental part as well.

2. Finding myself - strengths and weaknesses

This year I set out to find myself. So far I've learned a fair share about myself, but I still feel I want to learn more. My mantra is that life begins outside the comfort zone. My Auckland and New Zealand life have so far been fairly comfortably placed within that zone. So to me, the Australian outback seemed like the logical next step. It will push me to the extreme and take me places I never thought my mind would go.

3. Seeing Australia
Bondi beach, just outside Sydney - Source: Bob Lindsell
When I was a young Viking, I remember watching Travel Channel on my grandparents telly and seeing the bouncing kangaroos and the great Sydney opera house during New Years Eve with all the firework. I knew I wanted to see that weird and great country. Then over the years, as I went from a small Viking to a big Viking, I learned more about Australia. The beautiful beaches on the East coast with it's crystal clear blue water, Uluru with its majestic location in the middle of the outback or the fact that Australia has "1/2 timezones" 9,5 and 10,5.


One of the postcards I sent her from Norway.

I've also got a friend in Australia whom I haven't seen since July 2007, when we did a language trip together in Oxford, England. She lives and studies in the great city of Perth on the west coast of Australia. Since 2007 we've kept in touch through Facebook and letters/postcards. I can't wait to see her!

Just over 3.5 weeks to go now!

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