Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Okay, a few people have messaged me and asked how they can donate to the charities I'm fundraising for. So here's a quick guide:

What: I'm fundraising for two separate charities in two different countries. Clown Doctors in Australia and Sykehusklovnene (Hospital clowns) in Norway.

Why: Both charities do great work in hospitals in Australia and Norway. Basically it's doctors and nurses (and sometimes amateur actors) that dress up and visit kids in children's wards. This can be kids who are only in for a few hours or in for long term treatment. The point is that they make the kids feel safe and laugh. Sometimes laughter can be better than a dose of morphine.

How: I've set up a fundraising page for each of the charities. This is to simplify things. So you have to choose which charity to support, Clown Doctors or Sykehusklovnene (or both!).

Clown Doctors guide further down.

Sykehusklovnene (Norway)

This is a guide for NON-Norwegian speakers as well.

1. Go onto the fundraising page:

Norwegian version:
English version:

Still in Norwegian?

- Click on the "English" next to "Norsk"

2. Press the "Gi donasjon" / "Give donation" button

3. Fill in the form and the desired amount

NOK 100 = AU$18 / £10
(exchange rates from 15/04/2014)

4. Press the  "Gi donasjon" / "Give donation" button at the bottom

Clown Doctors (Australia)

1. Go onto the fundraising page:

2. Press the "Give Now" button

3. Select the amount you want to donate and fill in the form

AU$50 = NOK 280 / £28
(exchange rates from 15/04/2014)

4. Press "Confirm and Pay". All done

PS. If you want to share the page with friend and family on Facebook, hit the blue "Share" button or simply copy the link.