Saturday, 5 April 2014


The journey to Sydney and to Perth went great. Here in Perth, I've been staying with a great Scottish family. So the final details are coming together now. One thing has changed though: the first leg of my journey. Check out the new route.

The original plan was to head straight east from Perth towards Kalgoorlie and Norseman and onto the Nullarbor. But then I finished reading Mark Beaumonts The Man Who Cycled around the World and he had gone down south west first, not straight east. So I looked into it a bit more into it and also found a blog by a fellow cyclist:

"Assuming you don’t want to go North via the Kimberly to get to Sydney, there’s a few ways East from Perth: via the South/South West (Busselton/Albany) or ‘straight across’ to Kalgoorlie and Norseman. The problem with the latter is that the daily distances get very long very quickly whereas going via the South West and Albany gives you a chance to get fit first. I took the latter approach. Going via Busselton and Pemberton took longer, but gave me a chance to break myself in, learn what I was missing and gather supplies along the way. Going East from Perth directly, there are no bicycle shops of any size until Adelaide whereas there is an excellent shop in Albany."

New route

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So my new total is now over 6500km, but I thought What's a few hundred kilometers in the grand picture? Besides, it will allow me to get my bearings, get to know the bike and get used to the new lifestyle, but still have the comforts of civilisation.

Progress so far
I've registered with WWOOF Australia, so I can work on farms around Oz. Check out the post I did, explaining all about WWOOFing. So hopefully I'll find a few farms from Port Augusta and onwards. It will allow me to have a break from the saddle, "fatten up" and get to know the local culture. I was never aiming to be the fastest person across Australia, only the happiest.

Bike and parts
My mate Ben drove me to the bike shop and I got all the gear I needed. Great shop, with a huge selection of bikes, parts and everything else you might need.

So far I've found some great people to stay with in Bunbury, Manjimup and Denmark and waiting to hear back from a few more. is a great site which allows travellers and people to connect. It's basically people that offer up the "couch" for people to stay on. So think at it as a cultural exchange.

Medical items
I bought a well equipped St. Johns First Aid kit from BCF Myaree yesterday as well. It contains all the basic and necessary items in treating minor injuries. In addition, I've also bought anti-septic cream, anti-bac, insect spray and muscle/sport injury cream (one with ibuprofen and one without).

Plan now
If all goes after plan I'll be heading off next Wednesday (09/04) from Como (suburb in Perth) down to Bunbury, where I'll be staying with a lovely family I found through Couchsurfing.

So yeah, like I've been saying all week: Shit just got real.

Next post: Hopefully on Monday I'll show you all the equipment I'm bringing with me. So stay tuned!