Sunday, 6 July 2014

Thank you!

The bike part is over, well almost. I'm still biking up to Brisbane, but that's only two days. But I made it across, Perth to Sydney. Over 5000 km on a bike. It's been hard, but a hell of an adventure. I've learned so much about myself and seen parts of Australia very few foreigners have.

There are so many people I need to thank, I don't even know where to begin, but I'll give it my best.

My friends in Perth; Dian, Ben, Dawn and Roxanne who put me up and helped me get organised when I arrived in Perth. Thanks Dian for posting on my behalf on Facebook whenever I managed to use a payphone to call or text you! A special thanks to Ben who helped me a lot on my first day when I had an accident. 14 km outside a piece of cardboard got caught underneath my back wheel. Bike went left, trailer went right and I went forward. I had cuts everywhere... (Have a nice scar to remember this trip by on my right arm). He came and picked me up and dropped me off at the bike shop to get it sorted.

To Amber and her family in Albany for having me for a week. Really nice!

To Nicole and her boyfriend for letting me stay one week in Esperance, charging my batteries for the Nullarbor crossing. I wish her the very best on her adventures in Europe and hope to see her again.

To the staff at Fraser Range Station for helping me when I had some trouble with my trailer just over 100 km into Nullarbor.

To a "fellow" Welshman Martin Bevan whom I met at one of the roadhouses. Took about five minutes before we both got a Welsh accents back, scary. He was kind enough to give me a solar panel so I could charge my phone. Also thanks to his misses, Angela plus Brian and his wife for the fun company.

To the truckie Ian who gave me a lift to Port Augusta when my trailer and bike completely broke down!

To my friend Paul in Quorn (just outside Port Augusta) for picking me up, hosting me and helping me getting my bike sorted. Great guy with an brilliant insight into biking.

To James, for his comments and messages that cheered me up.

To Louise and Kerstin in the Clare Valley for teaching me about amazing Australian wine!

To Humphrey and Michelle for taking me in to their home in Renmark and showing me where out citrus fruits come from. I immediately felt at home there! So nice. If you're ever at one of the farmers markets in South Australia or Victoria keep an eye out for Fat Goose Fruits.

To ABC Renmark for having a chat with me on air. Great fun!

To John & Monique in Wagga Wagga for letting me stay and looking after me.

I need to give a huge thanks to John, my good friend u in Bathurst. A couple of weeks before I was due to arrive, I messaged him on Couchsurfing about staying. He immediatly got in touch and helped me stay motivated when I was feeling quite down. He also organised an interview with the WIN news channel, giving the charities some PR. Then when I got to Bathurst he put me up and showed me all around the local area. Great guy, with a cracking sense of humour. So thank you so much John!

To my relatives in Dubbo, who served me Norwegian kj√łttkaker og brun saus (meatballs and brown sauce) and welcomed me into their home. I hope to see them in Norway some time soon!

To Hannah and Matt for giving me a warm welcome in Sydney. They showed me where you can get the biggest schnitzel in Australia. It's huge! I wish them the very best with their house restoration.

To my friend Martine (or Marty) in Newcastle for making me apart of her life for a few days. So much fun that  girl! Hope she has a great time when she's going travelling around Africa.

To my good friend Peter and his partner for having me her in Mullumbimby. Peter was the cyclist who I met at Fraser Range Station by accident and we ended up doing the majority of the Nullarbor crossing together. It was nice to have someone to talk to after a day with constant headwind. We didn't even need to say much. You could almost see how saddle soar we were just by our facial expression. He headed home and we agreed I would come and visit them in July. Been great so far!

To my friends, family and loved ones in Norway, UK, New Zealand and other countries who shared my Facebook page, donated to the charities and sent me messages to keep me going. I kept pictures with me of people I care about and focused on their messages, that got me through the really tough days. Thank you!

To all the other people I've stayed with across Australia, who made sure I was well fed and got to see the local sights.

And of course, a thank you post wouldn't be complete without thanking ones mother. My amazing mother basically managed all publicity back home in Norway. She would talk to newspapers, radio stations and more to get them to feature this project. She even had access to my Facebook page and blog, scary... Only kidding. She did a great job and Sykehusklovnene now have 10 000 kr / $2000 to help children in Norway.

To all the others I haven't mentioned, THANK YOU ALL!