Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Decided to have my day off early, because my body and mind were tired. It's getting really cold now and it's taken a toll on me. Because what has been my routine now for 4000 km no longer applies. Up until about Renmark, I would be up and on the road by 07:30, 08:00 the latest. Now, I'm lucky if I'm on the road by 09:00. Why? It's not because I'm having a lie in. It's because winter has arrived. Last night it was -1 here. The problem is that it's such a huge difference from night to day, that it takes a while for everything to heat up. So around 9AM it will be around 8-10 degrees, which is warm enough to start out in. Then gradually it will climb to about 15-17 degrees in the day.

So the new routine is to get up around 7AM, have breakfast, pack etc. and then get ready to hit the road by 9AM latest. Then I also will finish a bit later as well. Oh well. All part of the adventure! At least it's not raining, haha!

Did some shopping today. Got myself a fleece hat and neck-thingy to go with my mittens. Ready for winter.

Also did a photoshoot by the river. Thanks to my mate Patrick for being a photographer.

Now, it's way past my bedtime. I have to do about 130 km tomorrow to Albury. After that I'm heading north towards Bathurst, a few days off and then across the Blue Mountains into Sydney. I cannot wait! But for the next five days I need to focus on getting up to Bathurst, which is about 550 km away.

You just have to get into the zone.

Anyway, night! Sorry to tired to write in Norwegian today.