Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Border control, checking people entering South Australia if they are carrying any fruit or nuts.

Bye bye South Australia.

Left: South Australia Right: Victoria
You can clearly see where the border is...

Welcome to Victoria. The roadshoulder got really wide after this :D

That's what I've been telling my mum all these years!

Lunch break

I'm getting excited now, because I'm starting to see signs for Sydney! (That is the direct route, so add about 250 km to that, but still)

Palm trees in winter.

Did 146 km today. Renmark to Mildura - Not the most exciting ride, but fairly easy. Nice good pace. Tonight I'm staying with Daimian (CouchSurfing). He treated me to pizza and a nice cold beer! Tomorrow I'm heading to Boundary Bend, 132 km, but fairly flat. There I'll stay in the caravan park and then head on to Swan Hill the day after.

Check out the radio interview with ABC Radio: